Choosing the Best Mobile Games Platform

When developing your own mobile app, you should start by figuring out the right platform which you will use. The market of mobile apps is growing each day. You will find many mobile games on the market which cover different niches. In order to make your mobile games popular, you should identify the right niche and develop it in such a way it will have lots of features which will make the users prefer it over the competitors. Common mobile game platforms available which you can use to develop your app include iOS, windows, android and blackberry. The capabilities of different operating systems will differ. Before you decide on a given operating system, it is always necessary for you to assess the capability of operating systems first.

 Tips when choosing Mobile Games Platform

Your Mobile Games Target Audience

Your target audience will be among the top factors you need to take into consideration if you will like your app development to be successful. If you are targeting the mass market, then going for platforms such as android and iOS will be the best option. If you will like to target the business community, the blackberry will make the right choice. iOS and android take a huge percentage of the market. For instance, about 80.2% of the market is occupied by android followed by iOS at 14.8%. Try to figure out your users and develop the app in a platform which will capture them.

 Your Mobile ROI (Return on Investment)

Before you decide on any mobile games platform, you should take into consideration the cost of the platform and the revenue you will generate. This is necessary because you will require revenue for you to sustain your app development business. The choice of the platform will determine your revenue stream. On iOS you will have median revenue of between $500 and $1000 per app each month. On android you will earn between $100 and $200 each month. From research, it has been noted that iPhone users are likely to upgrade to latest versions of iPhone unlike android smartphone users. This implies that iOS app developers will earn more in the long run.

Mobiles Games Piracy Issues

When comparing the ease at which mobile games on android platform can be pirated and those on apple store, you will discover it is very hard to pirate mobile games on app store as opposed to those on Google play store. iOS mobile games will require apple store verification before a download can be made. This is unlike Google play where individuals can download mobile games and circulate them as apk files. This denies mobile games developers more opportunity to make money because users can circulate the apps and install them without paying for them.